Crafting Needs, Bracelets, and Waistbeads

Crafted By Monae was created with the consumer in mind. Tell me your vibes and watch my creativity flow. Be sure to look around and catch the current energy!


💡💙Neurodiversity Butterfly Tee
  • Energy Beads

    Male Energy Beads focuses on grounding, communication, strength, and consciousness energies just to name a few. Vibe with this collection fellas!

    King Vibes 
  • Waistbeads

    Setting intentions and tapping into your feminine energy is the focus of this collection ladies. Manifest with the current selection.

  • Energy Bracelets

    Catching good energy and releasing it daily all through your wrist wear. Tap into your chakras...I AM, I FEEL, I DO, I LOVE, I TALK, I SEE, and I UNDERSTAND.

    Energy Bracelets